Maoxian China

We had our first lunch at a restaurant in Maoxian.  Nicely decorated on the outside, now let’s see how the food is!


The first dish was a fish.  We took one bite and bones.  We took a second bite.  Bones.  We never touched it again.


Leeks and Pork Stir Fried.  Not bad, good with rice.


Omelette.  Greasy looking, I didn’t touch it.


Potatoes and something else.  Disgusting looking and tasting.


Some soup.  Not nice.


Bland Noodles.


Stir Fried Cabbage.  Very  nice, I ate this and rice for most of my lunch.


Spinach.  Also went for this too.


A tomato and something soup.  Didn’t try.


First experience, eh.  Veggies and Rice, I knew that would be what I would be eating most of the time, and I was right on this meal.


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