Beng Hiang – Chinatown

Mother’s Day Lunch, a good time to find a nice place with nice food.  Luna chose this place that has Hokkien specialties in Chinatown on Amoy Street.  And it does not disappoint and the price is not bad at all.  Located at one end of Amoy Street near Cross Street, plenty of parking around also.


The outside looks really small, but once you step inside, wow, the place is huge and seats so many.  And it’s nice and elaborate on the inside also.


We decided to go with some specialties of the house.  First up, the selection of (l. to r.) Ngoh Hiang, Spring Rolls and Hae Cho.  Quite nice, freshly made and fried, and pleasant ingredients inside, the flavor is all there.


Next up, their famous Roast Chicken.  This was amazing.  The chicken was soft and tender and the juice nice.  Very, very flavorful and excellent.  Hard to stop eating this.


Braised Bean Curd with Chicken, Mushroom, Vegetables and some Prawns.  This was also quite nice.  The gravy a little thick, but still, very tasty.


Stir-Fried China Spinach with Garlic and Salted Fish.  This was also nicely done.  The veggie lovers at the table raved about this one.


Hot plate Venison with Spring Onions.  The Venison was very tender, and the flavor quite nice.


Oyster Omelette.  I heard it was too oily and that there wasn’t too much egg, too much flour instead.


Steamed Tilapia.  This was well done.  Just done, so the meat was waxy and tender.  And the fish soup very flavorful also.  Great dish.


Bao.  That means that there is some Pork Belly coming!


Dong Po Rou!


Here we go, the combo of it all, and you get Kong Pa Bao.  So good.



And some Fried Bean Thread Vermicelli (Tang Hoon) to end the meal.  Nice flavor, you can really taste the wok on this one.


I would definitely come back here again.  The food was unexpectedly great and the price good too.  Definitely a comeback for a family meal!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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