Toss and Turn – Ion

I was craving a salad for lunch, and I was in the Orchard area, and I saw this place in B4.  Toss and Turn is a Cedele creation.  They have simple salad combinations, or you can create your own.  I’ve often thought about opening a salad/sandwich/soup/bread joint and was interested to see how they did it here.


So basically the way it’s done is that you start with a base.  Your choice of three bases, greens, noodles or rice.

From there, they have about 9 preset combinations, which are proteins and then added veggies on top.

You can make your own combinations, where each item is a set price and added on.  e.g. you want to add ham, you have to add $2.50 to the price, you want tofu, $1.50, and so on and so on.

But they have some combinations that you can just order.

To make things simple, I just ordered a preset combination, the Caeser.

The Caeser comes with ham, pineapple, an egg, onion, bacon bits, croutons and greens.

After you pay, you head over to the dressings bar, where you add whatever dressing you want.  I stuck with plain Caeser, but they have some vinagrettes, and some other combinations, a total of 5 different dressings.

Then you can add a sunflower/nut mix to your salad.

Here’s my creation.IMG_1507

Not that cheap, about $11.90 total.  But it tastes pretty good.  I still don’t know why salad is so expensive in Singapore.  My only guess is that people in Singapore don’t like to eat a lot of vegetables, thus, it’s more expensive.  Who knows?

But, this is a good place to stop for a salad.  I didn’t try the soup or the sandwiches though.  They have the Cedele desserts as well.

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