Ice Cream Art – Bukit Merah Central

My wife knows I love ice cream.  So sometimes she buys deals online for ice cream.  This was the case here with Ice Cream Art.  It is located within the Sport Lifestyle Complex at Bukit Merah Central, which is a dead town after 6pm.  It is within a swimming complex, which was dead.  And the clientele, aside from Lena and I, was also non-existant except for one other couple.


The shopfront is not bad, and when you walk in you have two coolers which display about 20 flavors of ice cream.  You have the simple and then you have some complex.  Nothing special like you wouldn’t see at Ice Cream Chefs, or Little Ice Cream Kitchen, etc.  It’s run of the mill.



Here is the menu in it’s entirety.  Not cheap.  But then again, Ice Cream is not cheap in Singapore except at the corner vendors, and I can’t understand why…


Lena went with Cookies and Cream, Cheesecake and Passion Fruit Sorbet Waffle.


I went with Blackberry Cheesecake, Irish Coffee and Raspberry.  IMG_2001In the end, it was an average scoop, I thought there could have been more ice cream, and there was nothing spectacular about it.  It will stay in business because it’s next to a pool and it must make a ton of money when kids are begging their parents for ice cream after and during swimming.

Keep looking for a better ice cream place.

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