Tong Xing Roasted – Old Airport Road

For some reason there really is only one Roasted Meats stall at Old Airport Road.  There is Chicken Rice, but nowhere that sells Char Siew, Siew Yoke or Roasted Duck.  Tong Xing seems to be the only one.  Located in the little sleepy section of Old Airport Road, it’s there, but I think some people don’t realize it.IMG_2481

At Roasted stalls, I usually go for Char Siew and Siew Yoke.  It gives it a nice variety.  This one isn’t that bad, the Char Siew is a little fatty and the Siew Yoke has nice crispy skin, so I can’t really complain too much.

IMG_2480 As a Roasted Meat snob, I am picky about my Roasted Meats because I love Hong Kong Roasted Meats.  This one is not bad and a decent choice at Old Airport Road.  It’s a good fill your tummy meal.

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