Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (노량진수산물도매시장) – Seoul

A visit to Noryangjin Fish Market is a must when you visit Seoul.  Fresh seafood and atmosphere, it is a lot of fun!

But of course, how to navigate it?  After all it is quite big and extensive!

There are rows and rows of stalls, how do you possibly choose? They all basically sell the same thing, so what is the criteria for choosing? For us, we found somewhere where other people were already buying.  We figured that we would not get sky high prices and that the stall was pretty good if others were buying from there.

So we wound up here, with a nice selection! We went through what we wanted and when we were finished and finished with bargaining, they brought all our seafood to a restaurant upstairs .  They asked us how to cook it and off we went! Some of the sides – Gojujang is a must. Lettuce to wrap if we wanted. Some edamame also. And of course – Kimchi. We started out with what we saw everyone get in Korea – live Octopus.  A small one was included in the price, but we paid about 5,000 Won more for a slightly larger one.

It was still moving!  Nerve impulses or whatever, it was definitely hard to get and moving off the plate.  Seasoned with Sesame Oil and some seasonings, the suction cups did get stuck a little, but it was a nice sashimi taste.  Not apprehensive at all in trying it.

Abalone.  We bargained for some larger ones for the smaller price and these were great.  They were grilled for us. And finally our main attraction!  King Crab!  We chose one and bargained the price, underneath are some Clams, Mussels and Prawns that the stall owner threw in for us.

We got it grilled and wow.

Here it is turned over. And now posed with the shellfish By no means is this a cheap meal.  It came out to about $120 USD, but still, not bad and it’s fresh as anything.  Try it!


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