Ginza Noodles むぎとオリーブ Mugi to Olive – Ginza

I was looking for different types of Ramen.  Most of the time it’s Shio, Shoyu, Tonkatsu or Miso.  Something with a different base or toppings.  I heard Mugi to Olive was interesting.  Seafood, Olive Oil, etc. so I had to try.

Here is the menu And of course, the machine The shop is quite small, perhaps 15 persons can fit in here at one time. The chef is working hard I went for it all – the Triple Soba.  Clams, Chicken Breast, Cha Siu, Fish Cake, Egg and all else.The broth is so light and flavorful, full of chicken and clam flavors and enhanced by adding some olive oil. Clams done right, chicken tender and cha siu melt in your mouth. Soba smooth and biting. A great bowl of noodles.

This one is highly recommended.


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