Baanimsabuy (บ้านอิ่มสบาย) – Pak Kret

Baanimsabuy (บ้านอิ่มสบาย) is a little out of the way in Pak Kret, but it is known for Northern Thai dishes, with and without a lot of spice.

There are some Thai standards like Fried Fish with herbs, Krapow and Fried Pork Rinds.

But then there is Buffalo. A Buffalo Tartare with spices and herbs that was mind-blowingly spicy!

Stir Fried Dried Buffalo Meat as well which was not my favorite.

And some Sausages from Buffalo and Pork.

There were some Northern Thai Curries and a Thai version of Babaganoush, except very spicy Eggplant instead of Middle Eastern flavors.

A different experience for sure!


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