Cafe Demel – Vienna

Vienna is all about cafes and the coffee and pastries that go with it.  So on our first day in Vienna, we had to go to a cafe for lunch.  It was as simple as that.  The locals and guidebooks all say that Cafe Demel is one of the greatest places to go, so that’s where we went.



The place is two stories, you have to wait to get seated and it does get crowded.  Good thing we went early, and we got a nice sofa seat by the window.

Lena only wanted cake and hot chocolate, but I wanted more so I started with Goulash.  Yum!


You can go look at all the selections that they have available, tell the waitress and she will bring it right over to you.  I went and looked and we went with a Strawberry Shortcake type cake and then another one with white chocolate.


Of course, coffee and hot chocolate!  So many different types of ways that coffee can be made in Vienna.  This was a large Brauner, meaning just milk to give it color.


More selections to choose from!




Relaxing in our lovely sofa window seat!


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