Khmer Kitchen – Siem Reap

We arrived in Siem Reap in the late afternoon and immediately arranged for a Tuk-Tuk into the town to explore and get some dinner.

There are a lot of little restaurants around and we were advised to try Amok for real Khmer/Cambodian food.

We found this little joint on a corner of an alley, across from a fish spa with al fresco seating, and gave it a try.


Placed our order with the great staff and sat back and enjoyed our drinks and the atmosphere!




Our first dish was a Khmer Dumpling.  The skin was a little thick, but inside the pork and vegetables were quite nice.  There were 2 with just pork and 2 with just vegetables.





Our first main order was BBQ Sotong wrapped around Lemongrass with a Khmer style sauce.

I thought the squid was a little loose, not firm, but the taste was quite nice.


The other thing we ordered was the Amok Chicken.

Quite nice, a little sweet.  I thought it would be like Thai Green Curry, but it’s not at all like it.  Very earthy and sweet.  Nice dish.


Our first try at Amok and it was really surprisingly sweet and good!

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