Cambodian BBQ Restaurant – Siem Reap

Angkor Wat was on our afternoon agenda and again, just plain beauty and amazement at the history of it all.



We then climbed a small mountain to watch the sunrise from a temple, which was just amazing.


After showering we headed back to town for dinner.  We saw that there was Cambodian BBQ and wanted to try it, so we settled in!


The BBQ method was different, more of a hot plate over coals than over direct fire with a bbq grill plate.

They had a special for 3 different kinds of meats, and there were about 7 varieties to choose from.  So we ordered it and it also came with veggies, noodles and rice.


We went for some Frog.  You’re supposed to dip it into the sauce/marinade container and then put it on the grill.


Also went for Kangaroo. The third item was chicken.  There was also pork, beef, but we didn’t really want to try those as it was pretty common.


Cooking up a storm!




Food on the grill!


A different experience that’s for sure.  Not bad at all!  Full tummies!


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