Bedok South Hock Seng Choon Fishball Noodle


The very long queue Fishball Noodles in the newly renovated Bedok South Blk 16 Hawker Centre.  The Mee Pok is quite nice, very springy, just enough chili.  And the fishballs are very springy and homemade.  Excellent!  There is $3, $4, and $5 portions of the dry style.  $3 is more than enough.

2 thoughts on “Bedok South Hock Seng Choon Fishball Noodle

  1. If u want to be abused as a customer, then go Hock Seng Choon fish ball noodles at bedok south . The store assistant is so v v rude. They will not even allow you to take an extra empty bowl, even if u buy a big bowl of fish ball. He shouts “no” at you. Their service will spoil yr appetite & upset yr day.


  2. Nothing to shout about their fish ball. Fish ball still taste like fish ball at bedok south hock seng choon.. too over rated.
    If their service sucks so badly, don’t expect the people who prepare the food to be clean, hygienic or is honest about food.

    Rude stall assistant, bad manners.they are a shame to Singapore. I hope tourist will never have a chance to be abused by them


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