Pamplemousse at Dempsey

This year I decided to invite all of my colleagues and their spouses out for a XMas dinner.  I wanted something we hadn’t really had before and I didn’t want Chinese.  I wanted some good stuff that we never normally eat.  And I wanted to go to Dempsey.  Thus, I chose this place.  Eating for 13 persons.  Always fun.

The food was outstanding, service great and I would definitely go back.  But, it does break the budget a little bit.

We also saw Hossan Leong in all his glory dining that night also!

Here we go

Here’s a Lycheetini that Lena ordered.  Heard it was real nice.


Now it’s time for appetizers.  There’s quite a selection there for us to choose from and we went with a variety.

Here is what I ordered, Jamon Iberico de Bellota with Thai Honey Mango, Manchego Cheese and Frisee and Figs.  You definitely need bread with this, and the rolls they serve along with the meal are just outstanding.  Warm, soft, butter melts right in.  Making a small ham sandwich with all of this just made it better.


SC Lim went with an Artichoke Salad containing Pine Nuts, Seared Mango, Cherry Tomatoes, Olives with Starfruit and Kalamansi dressing.  He said it was fresh, vibrant and good.


A lot of people went for the Porcini Mushroom Cream Soup with Escargots, Cordyceps and Croutons.  Not really my thing, but they all said it was good.


James went for Foie Gras, which had Brioche, Guava and a Macadamia & Ginger Crust with a Sichuan pepper and Orange Sauce.  He said it was the best liver he ever had.  I have no basis for this claim, as I don’t eat liver…


Lena went for the Hokkaido Scallops.  Man did they look good.  I took one bite, and they were just done, fresh, and the foam was just nice.  It had Asparagus, Torch Ginger, Tumeric Tuille and a Thai green curry emulsion.


After the appetizers, we were all given a Soursop Sorbet to cleanse the pallete.


Lena went with the Uni Taglioni for the main.  This is one of the house specialties and wow, was it rich and flavorful.  One whole plate will fill your belly!


I had the Beef Bourguignon, which was braised short ribs with red wine, bacon mushrooms and pearl onions in a Kecap manis sauce with mash and Guiness forth.  Sinfully outstanding.


The Chilean Sea Bass look nice.  Caramelized cauliflower and oyster mushrooms with a Conpoy & Curry Leaves Cream Sauce.


The Hungarian Mangalica Pork Collar with Braised Mui Choy and Savoy Cabbage, a Sweet Potato Puree and Garlic Chives with Cider Sauce.


The New Zealand Lamb Rack served with Cauliflower & goat milk gratin, Daikon, Edamame and Wolfberry lamb jus.


A side of veggies for us.


Here is the Ribeye.


And here is the Tenderloin.


Time for dessert!  Though I don’t know how any of us had any room for it…

Osmanthus Creme Brulee with Lychee Sorbet.  Winner.


The chef’s version of Milo Dinosaur.  Interesting indeed.


Rose Bandung Panna Cotta.


Valrhona Chocolate & Mango.  Cake and Mango Sorbet.


Man, what a filling evening.  Chef Adrian Ling, job well done.  I will be back.


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