A La Shanghainese – Latham, NY

I had been hearing about this from some co-workers that it was real and authentic.  So on New Year’s Eve after the RPI Hockey game, we went to try.

Not bad at all, very authentic, and service quite good.

The first thing you think about when you say Shanghainese is Xiao Long Bao.  So of course, we had to try.  Not a lot of soup inside, but the Bao was nicely done and flavorful.


Next we went for Lion’s Head Soup Casserole.  The Lion’s Head was absolutely huge.  Terrifying actually.  But, the soup was great, and the meatball good.  And there was Tang Hoon also.


We ordered a fish dish, which was not fried, and with some veggies.  This is what we were served.  They heard us wrong when we ordered.


Now this was the fish dish we ordered.  Nice and smooth and fresh.  Excellent.



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