Brussels Sprouts – Big Splash

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I took my Valentine to a simple meal, she didn’t want the big set meals from French restaurants or things like that. she wanted simple.  So I chose Brussels Sprouts at Big Splash at East Coast Park.

The reason I chose it was because in Belgian style, there are mussels and clams.  And other items on the menu which might be of interest to us.

Owned and operated by Emmanuel Stroobant, who also owns my yoga studio, it was someplace I passed all the time but had never gone in.  This was the first.



The menu is quite nice, not too big and some great selections.  This place is a place which is best for small bites, so you can order a bunch of different things.

But we started with some drinks.  We both don’t really drink alcohol, so we went with Virgin Margaritas, Lychee and Peach.  Belgian beer is a specialty here, but we didn’t try.





We arrived during Happy Hour, 5-7pm, and they have a mussels special, which is two starter pots of 350g each for $30, instead of the regular $20 each.  So we decided to order that.

We went with a Gratinated style for one of our mussel choices, the simple Gratinee.  This is with mornay sauce, bacon and cheese.  Quite nice, well done.


The other style we went with was the Brussels Sprouts House Special style, which was onion, parsley, celery, butter and black pepper.  The taste quite nice, maybe  a little more salt needed, but the broth was very nice.


The because we also love clams, we went with a clam choice also.

This one was called Meridionale.  This contains onion, butter, parsley, saffron, tomato, garlic, herb de provence and olive oil.  A little too much tomato, but the flavor was still great.


And it all comes with free flow of fries.  Man, the fries were good.  Fresh, hot, crispy on the outside and potatoey on the inside.  And then dipped in mayo and ketchup, oh yes, great fries!


So many choices to choose from on the mussels and clams.  There’s simple brothy style like the two we got above, but then there are also creamy ones.  I was interested to try the blue cheese sauce one.  Not sure how that would turn out, but who knows?

There’s also Asian styles, which sound interesting too.


Since I am unable to eat so much shellfish, I needed some balance.  I originally wanted mushrooms with escargot, but that was not available.  So I went with something else, maybe it’s a little healthier?

The Small Eat menu is perfect, because it allows you to try things.


So the choice?  Asperges a la Flamande.  Asparagus with an egg salad.

Quite nice, the egg salad was warm, which made it nice also.  The asparagus was tender and nice.


There was a dessert buffet available, but we didn’t go for it because we were full.



I definitely want to come back here to try some more things, that’s for sure.

The music was a little loud though, if they turn it down, then it would have been better.

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