Kim Gary – Johor Bahru, Aeon (Jusco)

A day trip to JB, just to check things out.  Lena and I went to check out the Jusco Mall, about a 30 minute bus ride from CIQ and JB Sentral.  Regular mall, not much else.  So we decided to have lunch there, and a lot of restaurants, but only one seemed busy, Kim Gary.  That’s why we chose it.

A few of them in Singapore, and they are always packed, and quite a few throughout Malaysia.  Hong Kong style cuisine, but not really my cup of tea, but I was curious to try it out.

They have set lunch menus, so that’s what we decided to go with.  My drink I decided on was a Kopi Bing, while Lena went with a little upcharge for the Boiled Milk with Egg.



Mine had soup, which I went with the Cream Soup.  The Borscht Soup just does not sound nice…


And my choice was Shanghai Honey Pork Rib Rice.  It wasn’t that bad to be honest.  Flavorful and tummy filling.  And not bad for 10RM.


Lena went with the Herbal Chicken Soup Noodles.


Next door is the dessert arm of Kim Gary, so I could not resist.  Black Sesame Shaved Ice with Fruits, Marshmallows, Almond Jelly and Sago.


Yum, yum, yum.

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