Cafe Melba – Goodman Arts Centre

I first found out about this place in a newspaper article.  I tucked it away in the back of my mind.  Then I kept hearing how it was a good hangout spot.  Then I kept thinking that I have to go because it’s just a short walk from my place.

So on a lovely afternoon, we went.  Joined by one of Lena’s BFF, Jean, and her two daughters, we took a short walk.

It was busy as anything, and on weekends and public holidays they have a nice brunch and a bouncy castle for the kids.


I like the open kitchen concept, you can see what people are cooking and at the same time, you can see all the food that comes out of the kitchen, making your mouth water!


First up, drinks.  Ice Peach Tea.  Standard, but nice on a hot day.


Lena went with a Caramel Shake.  To die for.  Outstanding shake!


On to the food.  The kid’s menu is a little small, but it has good offerings.  Here is the Macaroni and Cheese.  Now, being the dustbin, I got to taste it.  It was not nice.  It was more of a cream alfredo than cheese.  Pass.


Pancakes.  Fluffy, nicely done and beautifully presented.  I heard that it tasted great too.


I went for Eggs Benedict.  But I replaced the crispy bacon with Parma Ham.  Nice choice on my part.  Eggs nicely done, hollandaise nicely done.  Just a real good dish.


And then we went for some Truffle Fries as a side.  Man, these were good.  Nicely crisp, hot, and then the taste, oh my, yum yum yum!


Finally for dessert we all shared some Dark Chocolate Cake.  Wow, rich and very chocolaty.  Too much for my blood, but looked good!


I definitely want to go back again and try other things.  The service a little shabby, but given the holiday crowd and rush, I’ll let it slide and come back during normal times to see if the service is better.

But the rest of the menu looks good.  Brunch, yes, a definite must do.  I’ll be back to try other stuff.


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