The Hand Burger – Raffles City

I keep walking by this place.  I love burgers.  They had a burger lunch special.  I found something to eat.  Now to eat it.

Located in the basement of Raffles City, with all the other new food outlets (there’s a Nam Nam Noodle Bar here now too!), it’s worth a try.

IMG_1295  IMG_1297

Now I went in because I like burgers.  And I wanted to give the special a shot.  You have your choice of four burgers, beef, chicken, pork, or fish, and then you can choose from a Caeser Salad or Chunky Fries (Steak Fries), and an Ice Lemon Tea or Hot Green Tea.

Well, I went for the Beef Burger, their original, which was the burger plus some onion jam, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese.  I didn’t want a Chicken Caeser burger, or a John Dory burger or a pulled pork burger.  I wanted a real burger.

And then I was healthy, I went for the salad instead of fries, because I am not that big of a fan of steak fries.  And I wanted less carbos.

It all comes nicely wrapped up for you!


The salad was great.  Fresh, bacon outstanding, dressing not bad.  Wish there was more of it though!

The burger, I don’t know about the onion jam and the bbq sauce.  It made it taste too sweet for me.  But the beef itself was nice.

I think I’ll give it another shot some time!

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