Tian Fu Steamboat – Tanjong Katong

We wanted something soupy and decided to try Tian Fu Steamboat, right on Tanjong Katong.  We walked by it before and never tried it, this was our chance. Located on the same block at Punggol Nasi Lemak, that stretch has some nice eateries.


You can choose a la carte from the menu, different portions, etc.  Or you can go for the buffet.  The buffet has standard items, good enough for folks like you and me.  On weekends, the dinner buffet is $21.90 per pax.


To order the buffet, you choose from this list.  You can only order two portions of each at a time. An egg costs $0.50 more and white rice is $1.00 more.


You order and it all comes at once.  This was our first round.  We had beef, chicken, pork, fish, pork belly, vegetables, seaweed, dumplings, prawns and pig stomach and liver.


Second round with more vegetables and meat and dumplings.


You can choose the soups that you want.  There are a few selections, some you have to upgrade money for.  Like Bak Kut Teh soup.  But the no charge ones are chicken, fishhead and tom yum soup.  You can have half and half.  We went for fishhead and tom yam.


And then you add everything in and start to eat!


Not bad, we definitely ate our money’s worth here.

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