Ru Ji Kitchen – Old Airport Road

Ru Ji Kitchen has had great Fishball Noodles since it arrived at Holland Road Market.  Now, they have set up another stall at Old Airport Road and I couldn’t be happier.  It just appeared out of nowhere and the queues came with it.  Set in the back, about 4-5 stalls down from Nam Sing Hokkien Mee.


The stall is famous, as it is one of those hawkers invited to participate in Singapore Day 2012 in New York City.  So it is supposed to be real good!

There are three sizes to choose from, $3, $4 and $5.  I went for the $4 portion, because sometimes $3 is not enough for me.

It’s a little slow at times because the uncle takes the order and makes it one at a time.  So you get to the front of the queue, order, then wait about 2 minutes for your order.  So each person ahead of you represents about 2 minutes.  That of course depends on the number of bowls ordered.

Here the fishball nice and springy, the fish cake nicely done also.  I noticed an old auntie who came and bought just the fish cake on the side, and they weighed out a portion for her.  Interesting.  The noodles also just nicely done too.


This fishball easily is my favorite at Old Airport Road now.


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