Kraze Burger – MBS

I went to a meeting at MBS and wanted a quick lunch.  I could have went for celebrity chefs, I seriously considered going to Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro, but decided to save the $50 and went for Kraze Burgers.  I have been craving burgers lately, as I usually do after a few months away from the US.

Located opposite the Rasapura Masters and the skating rink (as an aside it’s a skating rink that doesn’t have ice.  not sure how that works, and didn’t ask), it is pretty large.  Not so crowded, but ample seating room.


Plenty of seats for people, so it’s not that crowded.  The kitchen serves very quickly.


They bake their own buns here, right in the bakery and you can sit in front of here and eat and watch the guy making buns and bread.


Kraze started in Korea and has expanded internationally from there.

On to the food.  There are side choices of fries.  You can have regular fries, which I got below, or you can get chili cheese fries (I usually don’t get that because it is too much for me, and it has raw onions, and I was meeting people), then you have potato wedges, or what they call Idaho Fries, and then Garlic Idaho Fries also.  And also Onion Rings as a choice.

The fries were nice and crisp.  I asked for them extra cripsy, but they didn’t know what it meant or how to do it, so never mind.


They have different types of burgers, quite a few selections and none of them too weird.  Aside from beef burgers, they have the usual chicken burgers, and then seafood.  I saw that they had a Singapore Chili Crab burger, which is basically a fried crabcake on bun.  I wanted to try it, but I wanted a beef burger, as it was my first time to a Kraze Burger.

I had a hard time deciding.  I was going to go for the Matiz, which was burger with bacon and fried onions, but then I thought I should try the K.B.++, which added an egg, but I went for the K. Onion.  The reason being that it had an onion ring on it, and I really like burgers with Onion Rings on it.

This one was a burger with bacon, cheese, and onion rings, lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce and a cream cheese sauce.  I was skeptical about the cream cheese sauce, but decided to try it anyway.


And then it also came with a little salad, which I really like.  The burger itself was nice.  My only problem with it was that the bun, lettuce and tomato and onion ring was so large that you couldn’t taste the burger.  I ate one half full, and I really didn’t get that burger taste.

So, for the second half I took out the lettuce and tomato and ate it separately and then just ate the burger with the onion ring and sauce.  Much better.  I think sometimes too much side stuff on a burger is too much. You want to eat a burger, not a salad.


The burger was pretty good, tasty, and was ok.  The bun was nice, you have a choice of wheat or regular bun, and it tasted ok.  The price is a little expensive, $13 for the burger, so I don’t know that I would go here often.

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