Joe’s Kitchen, Thai Cuisine – Bukit Merah

Groupon,, SGSales, all of these coupon sites offer some things that you would not otherwise try or think about, or even find if you’re looking for a place to eat.  Such was the case of Joe’s Kitchen, Thai Cuisine.  We had no idea it existed until we say the deal and decided to buy it, $10 for $20 worth of food.  50% off, sometimes it can’t be beat.

So we decided to head down.  Located at 125 Bukit Merah Lane, across the street from Alexandra Hospital, but very difficult to get to the carpark.  It’s a shop located in the HDB estate, and very plain jane and just there.  The decorations are not spectacular and the service ain’t all that great either, but, hey, the food is cheap, but was it good?


Looking at the menu, it seems to be a bargain.  Some items have three sizes, some just one.  Since there were only two of us, we ordered light.

We started off with some Thai Prawn Cakes.  These were freshly fried, full of prawns, and juicy.  A real nice treat to start the meal!


Next we decided to go for Fish Maw Soup with Crabmeat.  There was a bit of crabmeat, a little overdone, but it was there.  Very tasty and filling for $10.


Now, do you really think I would go to a Thai restaurant I have never tried before and not eat Green Curry Chicken?  This one was nicely flavored, not too spicy, small eggplants and regular eggplant also.  A lot of chicken inside, for only $6.00!  Definitely a winner here.


And to top it all off, Mango Sticky Rice.  For $5.50!  The rice was nice and sticky and warm, the mango sweet and the coconut cream nicely ladled on to make it taste so yummy.

IMG_1988All in all when we added one Lemongrass Tea drink and service charge, it was about $32 in total.  Not a bad price.

We sort of wanted to try the Crab Claypot with Bean Vermicelli, but didn’t think we could eat that much.  Maybe next time, because I think we might be back…


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