Pita Pan – Marina Square

I was in the Marina Square area and decided that I wanted to have some lunch.  I saw that the newest section of Marina Square was now open with lots of new restaurants and one looked interesting to me, Pita Pan.  At the time I didn’t know they had a restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, but it looked quite interesting.


Started by Mrs. Reena Pushkarna, a famous chef, Pita Pan preaches healthy food.  The stall is actually vegetarian, serving non-meat choices.

The choices are pretty simple really, you put either falafel or veggie schwarma in a pita, and fill with veggies and sauces and then eat.  You can choose 3 or 5 falafel, and it also comes with a meal.  They also have an extensive all-day breakfast menu, consisting of Shakshuka and Pita Pizzas, which looks interesting as well and a selection of salads and side dishes like Dolma, Spiced Rice in Grape Leaves.

Upon ordering, you are given your indicator, which will buzz when your order is ready.


I ordered a Falafel Pocket, so when it was ready, they buzzed me and I went up.  There is a salad and sauce bar, you tell them what you want, they will put it into your Pita for you.

Here we have the veggies, which there is quite a nice selection to choose from.


The other half is the pickled items and sauces.


So I went with a bunch of veggies, I don’t go for pickled things a lot.  They stuffed it full for me, and then I added this nice green sauce, which was Garlic Tahini.


A little nicer view after stuffing more into the pita…

IMG_2010I have to say, quite flavorful, the Falafel.  I think I would just go for three instead of five, it’s a little too much Falafel with five of them.  But the veggies were fresh and the sauce was great, you can’t ask for me.

Well, I can ask that the price come down a little.  Approximately $16 for a Full Pocket Meal, includes fries and drink.

But, it’s a nice option and healthy too!

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