Brother’s Trattoria – Beacon, NY

My sister’s birthday celebration dinner actually served as a birthday dinner for all the October babies in the family as well too.  We chose Italian as my parents like simple Italian food.  Rachel suggested Brother’s Trattoria, which is in downtown Beacon, close to her house.


I really miss this “Americanized” style of Italian food.  It is what I grew up with and I like it so much more than the fancy schmancy Italian food that is served these days.  Give me a good pasta, some veal, some calamari, and we’re happy.

Speaking of Calamari, we started with that.


Nicely battered, nicely done, nicely seasoned.  It can’t be faulted at all.  A good fried calamari really is heaven and it’s something I’ve enjoyed for such a long time.

We also ordered a little Antipasti, with some fresh cheeses, vegetables and olives.  Always a winner for the family too.


The kids decided they wanted Ravioli.  Loving cheese, the filling inside was nice and tender, and TC went with meatballs, which were nicely packed and dense, like a good meatball.



My parents are very predictable, but after so many years they know what they like.  My mom loves Veal Marsala.  I make her Chicken Marsala all the time, but she just loves this.

This version was nicely done.  Not too sweet from the Marsala, the veal pounded thin, but not too thin, the batter not too thick, and the sauce not too thick.  A winner and simple Italian comfort food.


The other dish which they love, especially my dad, is Linguine with White Clam Sauce.  This one was also nicely done. Not too garlicky, as it can get in some places, a decent enough amount of clams and the pasta done right.


I love a good Veal Francese, so Lena and I shared this.  The white wine sauce was not too alcohol infused, it was a little sweet, and the batter was quite nice.  A winner of a dish for sure.


Rachel went with the chicken special, which was pan fried chicken with roasted red peppers, mushrooms in a nice sauce.  This one was also nicely done.  Tender and not too sweet, but tasting great.


Tom went with the Sea Bass special.  A nice roasted Sea Bass on top of Spinach and Cous Cous.  It looked absolutely delicious. IMG_2361To me, it’s all about Italian comfort food.  Growing up in New York City, the abundance of this made for a great meal whenever we wanted it.  Living now in Singapore, I miss the ability to go out and get a decently priced Italian comfort meal.  Things here are too ramped up and showy.  Find me a place to eat Italian comfort food, and I’ll be there!


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