Selera Rasa – Old Airport Road

There is a very limited selection of Indian and Muslim food at Old Airport Road, but Selera Rasa stands out and it delivers.  Located in the back section, where the Indian and Muslim stalls are, this stall delivers on it’s standout dish – Biryani.


Most days the Biryani is Chicken or Mutton, but sometimes they have the special with fish also.  But, I like their Chicken Biryani.  The curry is flavorful and not too spicy, the biryani rice is fluffy and just so tender.  Put it all together and you have a wonderful dish for S$3.


Here is the Mutton Biryani.  The Mutton a little overdone for my tastes, but the flavor was nice.


Now you can have your Biryani with Fried Chicken instead of Curry Chicken, or a fried piece of fish as well.  Anyway you want it, you just tell them.

When you want Biryani at Old Airport Road, this is the place to go.  But get there before 1pm, because it most likely will be sold out by then.

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