Bún Chả – Nem Cua Bể, 59 Hàng Mã – Hanoi

We headed out to the Dong Xuan market early in the morning to try to get some deals and look for some things.  After a little shopping, we headed to Hang Ma, which had a lot of Christmas shops selling trees, ornaments, hangings, etc.  It was an interesting shopping experience, and we even saw a Christmas tree being delivered on a motorbike!



But our hunger was getting to us, so we decided to head out and grab some Bún Chả for a late breakfast/early lunch.

Seeing that we were on Hang Ma, we went to a corner shop which some have said makes great Bun Cha.


We went in a grabbed a seat and within one minute, food arrived.  First off they put down a plate of Nem Cua Bể, Fried Rice Paper Wrappers with a Crab filling.  This one was crisp and full of shredded crab.  This is a winner.


Then right after that plate was put down, here comes the Bun Cha. A platter with all of your goodness.


On the bottom, a tray full of herbs and greens.  Always included with Vietnamese meals it seems like.


And of course, you have the Bun, or Rice Vermicelli.


And the star of the show, the lovely bowl of Grilled Pork Belly and Minced Pork wrapped with an herbal leaf, soaked in a lovely broth.


Stir it up a little and you can see the lovely pork.

IMG_2782How to eat it? You take some greens and some Bun, and soak it in the broth.  Then eat.

The taste of this was just awesome.  The Pork was done just right, a little sweet and not too salty.  The flavors just all melded together.  I could have eaten so much of this if I did not stop.

This is worth it, a must try!


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