Highway 4 – 25 Bát Sứ – Hanoi

We had an hour to kill before checking out of our hotel and getting the car to the airport, which the hotel provided for us free of charge, and decided we wanted to snack.  We heard about Highway 4 from friends and had not had a chance to try it yet, so we decided this was a good opportunity for a snack and to try it out since it was right across the street from the hotel.


We started off with Ice Cream, since we love Ice Cream.  Kem Sơn Tinh, and we chose to have one scoop of Plum and one scoop of Apricot.  What a nice way to start off our snack.


Lena wanted more rolls, so we decided on something a little different.  Nem Cá Xa Lộ, which is Battered and Fried Catfish with Wasabi Mayo and Dill in a Rice Paper Roll.


If you take a nice look, the fish looks beautifully fried, the wrapper nice also. How about the taste?

IMG_2894Awesome! It was plain goodness, there is no doubt.  I totally recommend this at Highway 4, it just meshed so well together and provided a great snack.


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