Looking for Chai – Edmonds, WA

In the Ranch 99 complex in Edmonds on Route 99, there is a place that says they sell Taiwanese food.  So on an impulse and a hungry stomach, we went in to see what Looking for Chai had to offer.

When we think of Taiwanese food, our cravings are for a few things.  Oyster Mee Sua, Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken, Lu Rou Fan, Beef Noodles, etc. Well, they didn’t have the Mee Sua, which was a little disappointing to Lena, so we tried the Pork Hock Noodle, which turned out to be Mee Sua…


Not bad.  The broth was ok, the mee sua cooked nice.  But only ok.

Then onto the Lu Rou Fan.

IMG_3990Skimpy on the meat and gravy.  Not very satisfying at all.  But, we only ordered these two and didn’t want to order more for fear of being disappointed.

I am not sure we’ll be back.


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