Meat & Bread – Vancouver, BC

Juicy Pork.  A nice roll.  Amazing flavors.  That’s what I was told Meat & Bread had.  The Porchetta Sandwich, they all say it is to die for.  I needed to find out.  So with my apprentice, aka TC, my nephew, and the rest of my sister’s family, we went to try it out while we were in Vancouver.


The moment you walk in, you see them taking out the Porchetta and slicing it for sandwiches.  It looks absolutely mouth-watering!


So the Porchetta sandwich that they are known for is the Pork rolled up, with crispy crackling.  They slice the pork and then add the crackling to the sandwich.  Sounds great!


But first, we had to look at the obligatory menu.

It’s a small one, but that’s ok.  Concentrate on what’s good and make it.  When the item is gone, it’s gone for the rest of the day, so plan and go early.


First up for us was the Meatball Sandwich.  The meatballs were juicy, the cheese nice and sharp and the sauce tangy and sweet.  Outstanding is a good word for it!


Their Special of the Day was a Beef Paprikash.  It was pulled and shredded beef in Goulash type of marinade and seasoning.  With cabbage and some fennel and green onion sauce.  I thought the beef was a little lost in the marinade, but still tasty nonetheless.


And finally, the star!  The Porchetta Sandwich.  The Roasted Pork, with shredded crackling and the salsa verde on top.  Put it all together and it was a symphony!  Not too much fat, a lot of meat and the marination sunk in greatly.  It was so good I actually bought another one to eat while driving back to Seattle!

IMG_4169Get here early, get the Porchetta.  Then make room for another sandwich and take one Porchetta to go.  It’s that good.


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