T&T Seafood Restaurant – Edmonds, WA

We had been wanting to try this restaurant which is located next to Ranch 99 in Edmonds.  There have been great reviews of the place and that it was pretty authentic to Cantonese cooking.  So we went for an early celebration for Dad’s birthday.

It’s quite roomy inside with a lot of tables and the menu looks pretty darn good with classic Cantonese staples and other items that are specials.

Time to eat!

First up is a favorite of my dad’s.  It’s Chilled Marinated Jellyfish.

It’s nice and crisp and refreshing, very enjoyable!


Birthdays mean chicken.  Cantonese style fried/roasted chicken is where it’s at on birthdays and this is no exception.  Juicy and well done.


My selection.  Even though I love to experiment and try new things, I always go back to my comfort basics.  The fact that I love Sweet and Sour Pork comes through all the time.  And this day it was no exception.  I need to try it in all new restaurants I go to.  And this version was outstanding.  Batter not too thick, pork nice and juicy, sauce sweet and sour.  Really well done.


Lena’s choice.  Manila Clams in Black Bean XO Sauce.  Not too salty, very flavorful and a generous portion.  Another well done dish!


Mom’s choice.  Beef with Pickled Vegetables.  She originally wanted it with squid, but they didn’t offer it, so she settle for beef.  Another well done dish with the right amount of seasonings.


I can’t complain at all.  All the dishes were well done, came out quickly and were a huge hit for the four of us.  We also had enough leftovers for almost a complete meal the next day.


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