Bilbao Berria – Barcelona

We decided to eat Tapas for dinner one night.  We wanted a variety and didn’t want to eat a lot of big things, so we decided on Bilbao Berrio, near the Barcelona Cathedral in the old part of town.

There was quite a selection of Tapas, and narrowing it down was a difficult thing.  But we tried!

IMG_4770 IMG_4771

So you take a plate and go around taking what you want.  We started with a little burger. Not bad at all.


Parma Ham with a Chili Pepper.  Simple, and just ok.


A little Chicken Drumlet.  Well cooked, but nothing special.


Pepperoni with a Quail Egg on top.  This one quite nice.


Foie Gras with Brie and an Apple.  Lena said it wasn’t great at all.


Anchovy with Tomato. Eh.


A little raw fish with Egg and Pepper.  Tasty.


Codfish with Grilled Cheese on top.  This was quite nice.


Quail Egg with an Anchovy and Olive and Pepper.  Interesting.

IMG_4782The selection was big, the Tapas quite normal, not extraordinary.  The price was good though.  Good for a quick bite.


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