3,14 – Solsona, Spain

Our driving tour of Spain was taking us from Barcelona to San Sebastian and finally to Madrid.  In between we wanted to stop and stay in a few local towns.  The first stop that we made was in Solsona.  A small town, with even smaller roads to drive!

We checked into our little bed and breakfast, a great little place called La Freixera, right in the old town.  If you’re stopping in Solsona, or through the area, stay at this great little place.  It is charming and the hosts are great!

As our base for the evening, we went looking for dinner.  There were a few places around, some old bars and some small places, but we decided on 3,14, right outside the gate of the old town.  We were worried about a language barrier, as it’s a small town, so we seemed drawn by the space and decided to give it a shot.

We were absolutely right about the language barrier, as the staff were young, but had no english.  So we used Google Translate and tried our best with my limited Spanish.

The menu was about 6 different sheets of paper.  We finally figured out with some hand motions and limited language that there was an a la carte menu, a sandwich menu, and then something we were quite interested in, a set menu with options menu.  This menu was interesting to us because it was only 10 Euro for a three course meal! But it was in Catalan, so were trying our best to translate using the phones and with the server.


The Catalan speciality, grilled bread with tomato.


Lena went with Squid Ink Pasta and tiny prawns.  Great taste and really nice sized portion.


I went with Mushroom Risotto.  This was pretty good too.  Rice cooked nicely and very creamy.


For the main I went with the Pork Ribs.  Nicely baked and tender, real good!


Cod Fish with a tomato-type sauce.  Not bad at all.  The fish was so nicely done.


For dessert, some flan.


And an Apple Cake.

IMG_4839For 10 Euro, it can’t be beat!  A great find in such a small town.


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