La Tasca de Ana – Jaca, Spain

The next overnight stop in our driving tour of Spain was the small town of Jaca.  We stayed on the outskirts of town, but went into the lovely downtown core to walk around and experience the top-rated Tapas place in all of Jaca.  Highly rated by all, La Tasca de Ana is a must eat destination in this small town.

It opens at 7pm, and the town was pretty quiet as night fell, so we weren’t quite sure what it was going to be like inside.


We were the first patrons of the night and had our pick of the place.



As they continued to prepare the dishes for the night, our server came to us and we asked for recommendations.  The menu was quite extensive.


As we settled into what we wanted, we got the ever present sliced baguette to go with our selections.


First up was a Fried Prawn in a Pumpkin Sauce.  Nicely fried, tender inside.  The sauce was not too sweet and not too savory.  I could eat these all night.


Lena’s love of Foie Gras had us getting the Foie Gras on Toast.  She said it was very nice and well done.


They recommended the Grilled Artichokes to us.  I am not a huge fan of Artichokes, but had to try.  The garlic was just nice, and it was so tender and juicy.  I really like this preparation.


Our choice below was the Stuffed Baby Squid.  So nicely grilled and fresh, it was awesome.


A little Veal Cheek.  Tender, juicy and awesome.


I went for some Braised Rabbit.  Not the best dish in the world, a little sour due to the pickles and onions used.  I probably wouldn’t go for that again.

IMG_4860By the time we finished, it was standing room only at 8:30pm.  We wanted to eat more, but believe it or not, we were stuffed.

If I’m back in Jaca, I am definitely coming back!


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