Tilth – Wallingford, Seattle, WA

As far as celebrity chefs in the Seattle area go, Maria Hines is one of the big ones.  She’s been on Iron Chef, won the James Beard Award in 2009 for Best Chef Northwest and her restaurants have garnered a lot of acclaim and status.  With my sister in town, we decided to go for the tasting menu at Tilth, her flagship  restaurant.

Tilth is American cuisine, with dishes based on the local flavors found in the Pacific Northwest.  We were quite excited to try the tasting menu.


The tasting menu sounded pretty good.


A little bread to start our night.  The salt actually makes it when you put it on the butter.


A little Amuse Bouche to start the night.  Some smoked salmon inside of a gelee.  A nice little bite to start the night.


Oysters to start the night.  Not for me, but the others enjoyed them!


Root Vegetable Soup.  Such a great flavor, nice, light, but the flavors were excellent.


The Risotto.  Not too heavy, but also not light.  The tastes mingle together so well.


A little Cod.  The Cod was cooked perfectly and inside the broth, which was subtle and amazing.


They didn’t have short rib that night, so they substituted brisket for it instead.  I think the rib might have been a little btter, but the tastes here are still just as amazing.


Some Chocolate Ganache to end the night.  Wow.


And a little light cookie.

IMG_5203The tasting menu was pretty good, I can’t complain at all.  The flavors all mix and the courses follow each other nicely! Now to try the other Maria Hines restaurants.


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