Old Town Mexican Cafe – San Diego

It’s Taco Tuesday in San Diego!  Therefore, you have to go get tacos.  So we went to the Old Town side of San Diego to get our Taco on.

Old Town Mexican Cafe is pretty big, and being in the old part of town, it gets quite busy.  So we got ourselves a booth and availed ourselves of Taco Tuesday!

This place has a Mariachi band and everything!


Here are some of the Tacos!  We have Beef, Chicken and Potato tacos.

My only complaint is I wanted soft tacos on flour tortillas.  Instead, these were deep fried and then served.  Greasy, but not bad.


The best one was the Fish Taco, which was not on Fried Tortillas, but soft corn ones.  This one, I dug.

IMG_5451I am sure there are much much better tacos in San Diego.  We went for the tourist side, and this is what we got.


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