Teapot Vegetarian House – Bellevue, WA

It was Memorial Day and everyone was grilling meat on the BBQ.  Except us.  We decided to go and eat vegetarian food.  We were recommended to Teapot Vegetarian for some Chinese style vegetarian food.  Not only that, but it’s also Vegan.

The owners are from Singapore and have been in the Seattle area for a long time.  They have an impressive tea collection, but we didn’t try any.  Instead we went for the food!

The side we ordered was a nice Green Tea Rice to go with our meal.


Here is a Claypot Vegetable and Tofu dish.  Quite simple, but full of flavor.  One of their specialities is actually their Fried Tofu, but we didn’t go for it.


Here is a little Treasure Pot, full of vegetables and nuts.  Quite a nice flavorful dish.


This is a Vegan version of Gula Melaka. Tapioca with Coconut Sorbet and Soy Whipped Cream, and all on top of the nice Gula Melaka Coconut Syrup.IMG_6083Quite nice for your next Vegetarian/Vegan adventure!


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