Rock Creek Seafood & Spirits – Fremont, WA

This is one of the talked about places in Seattle.  It’s a trendy hip place to be for a good meal or drink.  We went there for our anniversary dinner, and we were very satisfied with the whole meal!

The menu is quite nice and great.

IMG_6162 IMG_6163 IMG_6164

We started out with the Columbia City Pain de Campagne with the Herb Butter.  Nice and crusty and the butter is awesome!


The Barbecued Alaskan Octopus with Fingerling Potatoes, Canneloni Beans, Olives, Watercress and Olive Aioli. Octopus was nice, but some of the flavors are not so me (Olives for sure).


Manila Clams with ChickPeas, fennel, Madeira and Coriander.  This was pretty awesome!


But the highlight of the night was the Halibut Cheeks with Roasted Morels, Peas, Sherry and Truffle Jus.  The cheeks were so tender and soft and the flavors melded together.  What a great dish!

IMG_6161I wish we could eat more!


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