Haxnbauer – Munich

Big Pork Knuckles.  That’s what we were looking for, because when in Germany, you have to eat it.  Someone asked us if we had been to Haxnbauer im Scholatstikahaus, which is right off of Marienplatz.  We hadn’t been, so we decided we needed to try.

I figured a reservation was a must, so we went for it and reserved.  Am I glad that we did because when we left, the queue was so long outside the door.

The first thing you notice outside is that they roast the Pork and Veal Knuckles right in the window.  It makes you just want to eat!  Their other specialty is Veal Knuckles.


They sell them by weight if you want the whole knuckle.  It’s a lot, and they don’t recommend that you eat one by yourself.  If you want to share, that’s what you get for the table.

I decided that it was too much food, and I wanted to sample both.  But first, an appetizer of Cucumber Salad.  Light and fresh, a great accompaniment. IMG_6536

As mentioned, I wanted to sample the Pork and Veal Knuckles, so I went with a sampler plate of both, called the Bavarian Duo.  The Pork has the crackling on the left and the Veal is at 6 o’clock on the plate.

So tender and full of flavor.  Outstanding!


We needed dessert also, so Apple Strudel with Ice Cream.


And Plum Dumplings with a Plum Sauce.  Wow, so good.

IMG_6539I am so surprised that I haven’t heard of this before!  I will come again!


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