Hi-Life – Ballard, Seattle

We continue to explore the Seattle area, and we do like the Ballard area.  It’s compact and has some great places to walk and to eat.  We heard about a converted firehouse which was turned into a restaurant.  Off to Hi-Life we went for Sunday dinner.



Hi-Life sets the stage for Sunday dinner with their Fried Chicken Dinner.  You order it by the person and this is what you get:


Nicely done!  Crispy, juicy and lovely taste.  That’s for sure!  Not sure the potatoes are needed though.

Next up was a Fall dish, Braised Pork Shoulder with Potatoes and Fall Vegetables.  The taste was smooth, meat tender and just delicious.

IMG_6580The atmosphere is great, the food is great.  I do recommend this place for sure!



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