Toro Bravo – Portland, OR

Portland amazes me.  Restaurants in old industrial buildings are all around and Toro Bravo is no different.  It’s one of the hottest spots in town, so let’s see what it brings us.


The menu is made up of Tapas items and some larger mains.


We started out with a Barcelona Kiss, which is a pillow filled with Manchego Cheese, topped with Jamon and some Caviar.


Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with bacon, sherry and cream.  Real nice.


Clams Cataplana, which was made with Ham and Tomatoes.  A little salty, but quite nice, especially the bread.


The house specialty is the Coppa Steak.  A nice steak with confit potatoes, cracked olives, caramelized onions and Salbitxada sauce on top.  So nice and tender.


Some Octopus with Potatoes in an olive oil.  A little underwhelming unfortunately.


And we had to try the Cheese Ice Cream with Huckleberry Caramel.  It definitely tasted like cheesecake, that’s for sure!

IMG_6724It’s a nice experience, you definitely have to try it!


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