Ichiran/Afuri – Tokyo

My Ramen cravings kick into full on mode when in Tokyo.  I need my ramen!  So on one night, I decided that one bowl of ramen wasn’t enough, I need two!  Carbo load, here I come!

Our first stop was in Ueno at Ichiran.  They have a few shops around, and what I love about Ichiran is that it’s that Private Ramen Dining experience.  You love your Ramen, and you want to eat it all by yourself, without someone next to you that can see you slurping away.  So what is it all about?  You’re separated by a partition to the next diner and there is a curtain that is pulled to ensure your privacy.  It’s quite an experience.


Ordering is quite simple.  They have an english chit, so you just circle your preferences and get your tickets inside.  Then you’re good to go!


Sit down, call them and they will take your order.  Private dining!


If you want to call them, you press the button on the left.  Because I wanted extra noodles, I got a placeholder to trade in when I want the noodles.


Here we go!  Eggs first!  You get one, but I like two.  Greedy?  Yes I am.


And here is my Ramen!  I break the two eggs in and there it is.  I added the red chili sauce in as well.


I am ready to eat in privacy and peace.  I can concentrate on my Ramen and that’s all.


First round of noodle finish! Next round, ring the bell, get my noodle!


Ramen and soup outstanding!  I will be back!

Just 3 hours later, I was craving Ramen again!  We were back in the Ebisu area near our hotel, so we decided that we had to go to Afuri and try their Ramen.

It’s supposed to be less fattening, made with Chicken Stock instead of Pork or other items.  And it’s supposed to have a citrus kick to it.


Here is their selection.  I had to go for the classic, to try it out.  To see if it was less fattening or not.


No privacy here, but it’s small and it’s quite a nice atmosphere.  Two people working.  One cooking the Ramen, the other putting the dish together.IMG_7119

Here we go!  IMG_7121Fresh, lighter tasting for sure.  And the Yuzu kick was quite nice and refreshing.  Not bad.

Ramen cravings satisfied for the night!


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