Yoogane – Westgate, Jurong

They say it’s a craze in Korea, a stir-fry, combined with noodles and everything.  So why not try it?  Yoogane has a branch in Westgate so we gave it a shot.



You order while you are in queue, and when you sit down you can help yourself to the Salad Bar, for their variety of Banchan.


Not much of a selection, but here it is.  The dressing for the cabbage salad is a little strange.  Kiwi, Strawberry, Mango, just strange to me.  And makes it quite sweet.


They put the huge greased pan down in front of you on the first.  Here are the veggies and the Chicken Galbi.


The side of Octopus that we ordered with it.  Already marinating in the spicy sauce!

And our noodles that went with it.


They cook it for you, so you just sit and watch.


And then it’s done!

IMG_7231You know, it’s nothing special.  I wish there was more sauce, but for Korean food, it’s quite normal to me.  I’d rather have a nice Jigae with rice.


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