Ratskellar – Ludwigsburg, Germany

A small little town between Frankfurt and Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg has a small downtown and a Palace.  And a nice place to eat in the Ratskellar.

The cuisine is close to typical Bavarian, but here it is Swabian style.  It contains a lot of egg noodle dishes, consisting a lot of Spaetzle and noodle sheets wrapped around meat.  Which are commonly known as Maultaschen, and also known as Swabian Ravioli.

Of course I had to try it all.  At the Ratskellar they have a dish that features all of the specialties.


Of course, I got this.

The Pork was nice and tender, the Spaetzle as filling as ever.  And the Maultaschen was quite interesting.  A lot of minced meat inside pasta rolls.  Quite good.  Not as heavy as I thought it would be.


There are other items, the specialty of Schnitzel.


And a huge Chicken Salad!

IMG_7455Good and typical German fare.  I did find out what Swabian food is though!


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