Aunty Fatso – Melaka

Everyone kept talking about Tong Sheng as the place to go to get seafood.  We were told that it was closed on Mondays, which is the day we wanted to go.  So alas, we had to find an alternative.  The folks at the Holiday Inn told us about Aunty Fatso.  So we went.

En route there, we saw that Tong Sheng was indeed open, but there was already a queue.  Thus we stuck with our original plan.

Set back a little bit in a semi-industrial area, it’s right by the sea, separated by a big fence.  It’s an outdoor area, very old fashioned in style.


The indoors is packed by 7pm.IMG_8905 IMG_8906

One of the things that you have to try in Melaka is the Prawn Cheese Bee Hoon.  They use the big prawns with the huge legs.  The gravy is a little cheesy.  It’s not stringy, like an Italian dish, but the cheese taste is in the gravy.  It’s really like a Crab Bee Hoon Soup from Mellben, but along with milk there is cheese in the soup.IMG_8921

Some fresh steamed crab with Ginger.  This was outstanding.IMG_8903

A little Mantis Prawn meat with chili and fried up.  Interesting.  The prawn must be a little small because the meat isn’t quite meaty.IMG_8902

Salted Egg Yolk Squid.  Nice!  Fresh squid and not too overpowering on the Salted Egg Yolk.IMG_8904

Here is Aunty Fatso herself.  She comes to your table when you sit down, goes over what you would like to eat, makes recommendations, etc.  What a great lady!IMG_8907Go for it!  You don’t always have to go for the Trip Advisor bests!


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