Kedai Kopi Chung Wah – Melaka

Chicken Rice Balls, that’s the ticket in Melaka, and no one supposedly does it better than Chung Wah.

So we decided to join the queue, even though it was 12:15pm.  I wanted to wait, the others didn’t.  Oh well, queue in the hot sun it is…

IMG_8878 IMG_8883

The place is not that big, but it turns over pretty quickly.  It is hot inside, but is it worth it?IMG_8885

The one uncle does all the chopping.IMG_8879

Now, you don’t even really have to order.  They just decided by the number in your party what you’re going to eat.  Four people, you get a whole chicken and four plates of 5 Chicken Rice Balls.IMG_8881

Here are the Chicken Rice Balls.  Remember, the balls are the Chicken Rice, meaning NO chicken, just the rice made into balls.IMG_8882OK, if you want more balls than 5 in one go, you have to order them.  But it’s like a set.  Ordering drinks is another stall inside, so go over there and order it, don’t just wait and assume they’ll ask you for a drink.

OK, how is it?

The chicken is very flavorful, there is no doubt.  The Chicken Rice Balls are pretty glutinous, and the taste is pretty good.

Me, I think I prefer regular rice to go with my chicken with the chili, black sauce and ginger.

But it’s a must try and you won’t be disappointed.


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