Bread Street Kitchen – Marina Bay Sands

Gordon Ramsay.  You see him everywhere, but how often do you actually eat in one of his places?  We did on a nice Sunday for brunch.  There wasn’t a wait for seats at the bar, but a huge wait for a table.  So we sat at the bar because we were hungry after spending some time at the NATAS Travel Fair downstairs.


The place is two levels at MBS, small on each level.IMG_8973

From the bar.IMG_8968

We started off with a little bread basket.  It was fresh and pretty good.IMG_8967

Lena went for the Pork Belly with Spiced Apple Sauce.

It was good and bad.  The skin was nice and crispy.  But you couldn’t cut it.  The meat was tender and pull apart, but it was too pull apart.  You couldn’t keep a slice of it, in fact you couldn’t get a slice of it.

This dish needs to be reexamined, that’s for sure.IMG_8969

I went for the Sunday Roast.  It was a little disappointing.  The amount of Roast was not a lot.  The veggie underneath was pretty salty as well.  The roast was tender though.  The Yorkshire Pudding is, well, Yorkshire Pudding.IMG_8970

The side of Potatoes and Carrots.  Tender, seasoned nicely.  But just normal.IMG_8971

Gordo my friend, I can’t give this place a recommendation.  Try it once, but only once.  Get your kicks out of going to a Gordon Ramsay joint.IMG_8978


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