Kesuke Ramen Tonkatsu King – Tanjong Pagar

Everytime we walk by this place at the Orchid Hotel in Tanjong Pagar, there is always a long queue.  So imagine our surprise when we walked by around 1:30pm on a Saturday afternoon and there was no queue.  And to top it all off, we were hungry.  So we went for Kesuke Ramen Tonkatsu King.


The queue forms very quickly.


It is not big inside at all, thus the wait, but very typical Japanese.IMG_9028

It’s a one man cooking show.  He does it all.IMG_9023

The menu is small enough so that he can do it all.

It’s Ramen, Spicy or not.  If Spicy, Black or Red.  It’s that simple.IMG_9022

Each table comes with condiments and unlimited hard boiled eggs.  Don’t get full on the eggs before your Ramen comes!IMG_9021

You are supposed to grind the sesame and add it to the broth to enhance it’s flavor.  Not so sure it did that, but some say it works.IMG_9027

Here is the normal Ramen.  You can tell them what level you want for oiliness, for concentration of broth, firmness of noodle, etc.  It’s really customizable.IMG_9025

This is the Black Spicy.IMG_9026Either way, what a great bowl of ramen.  Filling and delicious!  I guess it would have been worth the wait to queue if we did queue.


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