One Dim Sum – Prince Edward, HK

Michelin Star Dim Sum.  I’ve had Tim Ho Wan, but what about the others?  Back in 2011 and 2012 One Dim Sum was awarded a Michelin Star, making it the restaurant that had the cheapest offerings for Michelin.

Fine and dandy, but is the food worth it?  Located near Prince Edward MTR or the Mongkok East MTR, you really need to time your arrival in order not to queue.


Now remember, don’t just join the queue.  You need to go inside first and get a queue number or else you will be queuing for nothing!  Go inside, get a queue number.

I was alone this time and when I got there at 11:30am the queue was this long.  They open at 11:00am.

One of the advantages of being a solo diner is that sometimes they have solo seats.  One Dim Sum has a total of one (1) solo seat.  And guess who got it?  Me, no queuing at all!

It’s small inside, not many tables at all. It’s maybe a 35 seater at most.

img_9034 img_9035

Now, here’s the menu.  It’s quite simple.  Fill out the sheet and call the waitress and place your order.img_9033

The problem with being a solo diner is that you want to try everything.  I have my favorites and then there are things I would love to try.  So I over order.  I didn’t get to order the Fried Egg Sticks w/Honey or the Shimp Vermicelli Rolls or the Chicken Feet or the Baked Char Siew Bao or the Veal Chop or the Congee or the Turnip Cake, well you get the picture.

Here is what I did order though.

This is the Chicken w/ Four Combinations.  It is a silky smooth piece of chicken with Mushroom, Fish Maw wrapped in Bean Curd Skin.  Wow, so good and fresh.img_9036

Of course, Siew Mai.  Plump, juicy and just awesome.img_9037

Spring Rolls.  They didn’t seem freshly fried to me so they were a little disappointing.img_9038

One of my personal favorites, the Fried Dough Stick Steamed in Vermicelli Roll.  Yes, yes, yes.  Crunchy, fresh and delightful.  Some say that flour is too thick, but to me, it’s nice.img_9039

Chiu Chow style Dumplings.  Fresh and sticky, filling was moist with the distinct peanuts inside along with the meat and vegetables.img_9040

And of course, no dim sum joint can be considered decent unless the Har Gow are.  These are magnificent.img_9041

What an outstanding dim sum joint.  The food is fresh and just awesome.  I would come here again in a heartbeat.

No Egg Tarts on the menu though.  That’s ok.  Tai Cheong is just a short walk away.


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