Twins – Tanjong Pagar

Korean Fried Chicken cravings again.  We were in the right spot as we were in the Tanjong Pagar area, which is the hot spot for Korean Food.  I heard about a nice place for KFC so we decided – Let’s try Twins!


The place is not that big, it is long and has a few tables.  So it fills up quickly on usual nights.img_9176 img_9175

How about the KFC?  We started with Soy and Lemon Kkanpungki, boneless chicken with Leeks and Chili and Garlic. Quite flavorful, and not as spicy as we thought given the amount of dried chilis that there were.img_9178

Next we went with Yangnyum Wings, a sweet-spicy mix.  Very nice, more sweet than spicy though.  Crispy and tender wings!img_9179

We wanted more!  So we went for the Soy and Garlic sauced half chicken.  Chicken was so tender and crispy, and the sauce was not too overbearing nor garlicky.  img_9180Craving satisfied!


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