Lai Huat Sambal Fish – Siglap

We had a nice craving for seafood, in particular Crayfish/Slipper Lobster/Crawfish/Bugs, and looked around and decided to try out Lai Huat in Siglap.

There are many different branches of Lai Huat, each owned and run by a different family member.


Lai Huat is known for Sambal Fish, where they cook the fish and put sambal on top and serve it.  We didn’t go for that, but maybe one day.

Instead, we went for some good stuff.  We started out with their Heaven and Earth Pork Ribs, which are nice combination of coffee, honey and other flavorings.  Tender and nice.img_9211Of course, one of our favorites.  Cereal Seafood.  In this case, we went with Cereal Squid.  Fresh and tender, and satisfies that Cereal craving we always have.

img_9212 And the star of what we wanted.  The Crayfish we decided was better off being a Salted Egg style.  We thought it would be a Salted Egg Gravy, but it wasn’t.  It was a battered and fried style.  img_9213Perfectly cooked.  The meat was still tender and not overcooked, which it has a tendency to get.  And the Salted Egg was not overpowering at all. img_9214The only thing I wish is that it was gravy style.  Still hoping to find a Salted Egg Gravy Seafood dish somewhere.

That said, this was a perfectly great meal.  No complaints at all, and I would be back here in a heartbeat!


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